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Curating Bespoke and Exclusive cigar experiences

Ignited by passion 

After travelling down through South & Central America, Sam & Jacob spent time visiting vast tobacco farms and tasting local cigars with the Torcedors who rolled them, sharing passionate stories and enjoying the rich flavours.

As they indulged in these age-old traditions and falling in love with the passion of cigars, they realised the lack of cigar culture in The United Kingdom.

Inspired by this they decided to embark on a journey to build a community and empower cigar enthusiasts with knowledge and appreciation for the beauty of cigar smoking, bringing a bit of Havana home with them.


Thus, Les Deux Canards was born. 

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Sam and Jacob


"If heaven has no cigars, I shall not go there"
- Mark Twain -

Sharing the rich stories of cigars

Explore the world of cigars with London's best kept secret, a Les Deux Canards event with our team of passionate cigar experts.


Learning about cigar culture with emphasis on the history, the tobacco, how to properly cut, light, pair and taste. 

Our mission

Les Deux Canards is here to bring the wonderful tastes, history, people and culture of cigars to the world of those eager to appreciate and those who keen to learn.


Raul - A master at work in Havana

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