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A Powerful Smoke on Byron Bay Shores: EGM Poderoso Review

Squinting as I battled back the sun whilst sitting on the scenic white sands of Byron bay on the east Coast of Australia, I look down as the beautiful EGM Poderoso between my fingers, the oily wrapper glistening – I knew I made the right call in pairing such a beautiful cigar with such a famous location. Gifted to me by a kind friend and fashion guru, Luke Alland (@theexiledbrit) the EGM Poderoso wasn’t just a cigar, it was a whole experience.

As I held the Dominican Puro, feet on the warm sand, I cut the cap of this hefty cigar – sitting at 6.5” x 56 (a Laguito No.6 Vitola), it’s a similar size to a Cohiba Behike 56. Now, with a cigar like this – I’d expect to be here for a good 45-60 minutes, so suncream was required.

Similar to other EGM cigars it took the flame well, every so often the burn crept up a bit on one site.. but it was almost instantly corrected before my next draw. The fill and overall construction of the Poderoso was impressive, which reflected in the smoke – no struggle whatsoever, making the most of that that delicious, fragrant smoke on every draw.

The first third brought delicious, rich creaminess, punctuated by deep hits of cinnamon, espresso and almost almond chocolate. Into the second and final thirds, those Cibao Valley leaves truly shone through, imparting a touch of earthiness that balanced the sweeter, richer tones perfectly. Within the second third specifically, the flavours only intensified. With the espresso taking on more of that creaminess and becoming a thick, latte flavour, and again intensifying down to the final draw.

The Poderoso certainly lived up to its medium to full-bodied strength, satisfying without being overwhelming, allowing the complex flavours to dance as it was smoked.

Unfortunately, I only had water on hand to pair with this excellent cigar, however it would’ve worked perfectly alongside a rich Ethiopian Café Mocha (to match its sweet notes) and for those looking for something a bit more exotic; a salted caramel espresso martini or even an Australian old vine Shiraz.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed by the EGM Poderoso, great construction, full and rich tasting, a good burn and a cigar certainly worthy of the famous white sands and turquoise sea of Byron Bay (although don’t feel you need to fly to the other side of the world to smoke it.. the Poderoso is perfect of any special situation!).

This is certainly another regular smoke to add to the roster!

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