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Cigar lounge review: Sparrow Italia, Mayfair

Sparrow Italia Cigar Lounge

1-3 Avery Row, London, W1K 4AG

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair at 1-3 Avery Row, through all the hustle and bustle of commuters and Thursday pub attendees, there's a tall and unsuspecting building hiding a fantastic secret - Sparrow Italia Cigar Club. Having recently opened its doors, they offer not only excellent food, but a fantastic retreat from the busy streets below.

Upon entering the reception, I was immediately greeted by a lovely member of staff and a stunning crystal-lined bar to my left, setting the tone for the luxurious experience that awaited me within.

I was swiftly escorted to the elevator, and bathed in red light and mirrors before being taken up to the breath-taking 4th-floor roof terrace for views over the city.

On this beautiful June evening, the terrace was flooded in sunlight, with tables covered in crisp white table cloths, each accented by an orchid. It was a picturesque escape, perfect for a leisurely Thursday smoke.

As the music gently played, the waitstaff were prompt and attentive - bringing me a bottle of sparkling water as I settled into a corner spot for some people-watching.

The atmosphere was elevated further by a personal greeting from Syafiera Rosidi, the Master of Havana cigars and the head of Sparrow Cigar Lounge. Dressed in all black, she struck a silhouette amongst the busy rooftop clients.

We chatted about the recent Habanos Trinidad 55 event in London before discussing the evening's cigar options.

Their selection was impressive, and upon recommendation, I opted to keep with the weekly theme and chose the Trinidad Fundadores - a 7 1/2" x 40" Lancero, a pioneering vitola, with a blend created by master blender Raul Valladares at El Laguito in 1998 - I couldn't wait.

With the sun still beating down, Sya returned with the beautifully presented Trinidad, I relaxed back into my chair as she expertly cut and lit the cigar for me.

Although I told myself I wasn't going to drink this week, once I was holding this elegant cigar in hand, and had a few draws of the Trinidad.. my personal promise crumbled like a sand castle in an earth quake. Looking through their menu, whilst their selection of Mezcals and tequilas was tempting (including a fantastic Enimigo Cristalino) I opted for a deliciously sweet glass of Embargo rum. Which only highlighted the marzipan, buttery, almost vinegary notes I was getting from the Trinidad. I was in my element.

As the evening progressed, and my smoke was coming to its final third, Syafiera popped back up, and suggesting I try Sparrows in house dessert wine - a Donnafugatta Ben Rye along side it, so of course I obliged. The tropical, orangey, and honey-like flavours of the wine were an incredible match for the now warm and creamy cigar. Her expertise and knowledge shone through in every recommendation, making for an unforgettable evening.

As the sun dipped below the horizon and my cigar came to an end, I was guided to the indoor cigar lounge on the 3rd floor. The space was nothing but class, with its low-back leather seats, rich wood panelling, and a walk-in humidor. The lounge was spacious enough to comfortably sit 22 of your friends (even if they don't smoke.. they need to see this lounge!), or relax for an intimate solo smoke.

Sparrow Italia Cigar Club offers a lush and luxurious haven for cigar lovers, or those wanting to take in some of the sun on the roof. The combination of their beautiful terrace, impeccable service, incredible choice of cigars and drinks, alongside their expert cigar knowledge, epitomized by Syafiera Rosidi, it ensured a memorable experience, worthy of a quick pop in or a long relaxing evening.

Whether you're looking to escape the hustle of the city or indulge in an evening with friends, Sparrow Italia is the place to be.

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