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Cigars of the month - June 2024

Cigars of the month - June 2024

A quick section where we discuss some of our favourite cigars from this month, various price points, smoke times, strengths and regions. If you fancy trying these, you can use the code CANARDS for 10% off.

£: Trinidad - Reyes

Price: £26.99

Strength: Medium

Size: 4 3/8“ x 40

Origin: Cuban

Smoke time: 30 Min

Since London was awash with Habanos fever as we celebrated 55 years of Trinidad, I decided the cut the cap of a delicious and petite Trinidad Reyes.

After getting some sun, it started to feel like summer was finally here whilst sitting in this pub garden. There couldn’t have been a more perfect time to smoke a cigar... and what a cigar to choose. Smoking it alongside a pint of Estrella and honey chorizo (a bit unconventional I know) it was ideal.

With small size of 4 3/8" x 40, this pigtailed petit corona is an absolute a gem in the cigar world, offering a compact yet rich smoke. From the moment I lit up, the Reyes showcased the expert craftsmanship we all know from the renown Trinidad brand. Sturdy, yet not too firm and not too soft.

Upon lighting, straight off the bat I was hit with billows of smoke, full of deep earth and leather, but without deviating from its a smooth and creamy texture. Off to a great start!

The cigar quickly settled down into a medium body, presenting a blend of flavours. With those earthy tones coming in strong still, I started to get notes of cedar and cayenne pepper, with a buttery umami flavour sitting just behind.

As I sat back to drink my beer, I admired the construction of the Reyes - tight and impeccable, as expected from Trinidad. The burn was even throughout, a solid ash and requiring minimal touch-ups and no relights (either that or I was really enjoying it).

As the stick burnt down, the flavours mellowed out a bit which was quite nice. The only let-down was that as I came into the last third, the draw started to get tight. Might have just been mine, however I struggled a bit.

Strangely, I very rarely pair a cigar with a lager as I’ve never found a combination that works. However, the Estrella’s crisp and slightly hoppy character provided a refreshing counterpoint to the cigar’s rich and creamy taste. Certainly, something I’d choose again.

On the whole, the Trinidad Reyes is a brilliant foot in the door for anyone wanting to explore more cigars from such a famous heritage brand. And at such a good price point.. its certainly not to be missed!

££: Montecristo - Wide Edmundo

Price: £35.19

Strength: Medium - Full

Size: 4“ 7/8 x 54

Origin: Cuba

Smoke time: 50 Min

Having tried many many Montecristos before, it was about time I worked my way over to the Montecristo Wide Edmundo. A staple in any afficionados humidor. Introduced to the Montecristo line back in 2015, it expands on the beloved Edmundo series they’re running – with a significantly wider profile.

Sitting in a pub garden (this seems to be a theme now) I had the pleasure of enjoying the Montecristo Wide Edmundo at The Woodhouse, in Sydenham Hill. Surrounded by a few friends as we watched England play their first game of the Euros. Just as kick off came, I cut the cap and prepared myself for 90 minutes of a great cigar and average football.

Coming in at 4 7/8" x 54, the Wide Edmundo lives up to its name. It’s a thick, robust stick, making substantial smoke. The initial draw on this Robusto was quite tight, but offered an immediate burst of rich floral notes and earth, an interesting combination alongside my Negroni.

As the cigar progressed and it settled into its medium to full body, the notes started to develop into coffee, leather, spice and toasty cashews. What a combination.

At this point, I was far more focused on my cigar than I was the football, with the ash solid and long, it was another testament to the always brilliant Montecristo construction. To say I was impressed would’ve been a understatement.

Pairing the Wide Edmundo with a Negroni was a great choice. The cocktail’s sharp, bittersweet flavour from the of gin, vermouth, and Campari contrasted beautifully with the cigar's creamy, rich notes. The bitterness only enhancing the sweetness of the tobacco.

I’m disappointed it took me so long to try a Wide Edmundo, however I am very glad I finally did. The whole experience was perfect. Solid construction, great flavours throughout, and one the few cigars I almost burnt my fingers on smoking down to the head. And as the cheers throughout the pub signified England's 1-0 win over Serbia, it made for an incredible evening. Surprises all around!

£££: Romeo y Julieta - LCDH Cupidos

Price: £58.99

Strength: Medium

Size: 5 5/6 “ x 55

Origin: Cuba

Smoke time: 50 Min

An afternoon doesn’t get much better than this... sneaking off on my lunch, I went over to Century club to enjoy a Romeo y Julieta LCDH Cupidos on their soho rooftop. This thoughtful gift from a kind friend turned an ordinary day into something quite special, especially when paired with a few espressos.

The Romeo y Julieta LCDH Cupidos is such a special cigar, part of the La Casa Del Habano (LCDH) series, which features exclusive and limited edition Cubans. The Cupidos was a phenomenal choice. A 5 5/6” x 55 Verona vitola, I knew this hefty stick was going to see me through a large chunk of the afternoon.

With its tapered head, the construction (as with all LCDH cigars) was flawless, oily and inviting. I couldn’t wait to jump in. Opting for a standard straight cut, the cold draw offered a subtle hint of cedar and sweet spice.

Lighting up, I took the first critical draw. Straight off, I was greeted with a creamy smoke, full of cedar, cinnamon, cardamon, leather and coffee. 10/10 start.

For the first third, the ash was growing up one side of the stick, however as I persisted it quickly evened out. The cigar settled into a smoother medium body, with the initial flavours evolving into deeper notes of leather and cocoa, whilst that spice remained followed up by sweet woodiness. The construction was also spot on, with an even burn into its second and final third, the ash held firm.

As the sun started peeking out from behind the clouds, I took another sip of espresso – which only enhanced the sweet undertones of the tobacco, creating a balance that created the perfect afternoon treat.

Whilst the Cupidos is still being quite young tobacco, I felt I could’ve aged it a year or so to really emphasise all those flavours. I may have to get one another to try.

Whilst I sat back onto the comfy Century sofas, I closed my eyes, took in the sun and listened to the busy street below as I smoked the Cupidos. This cigar is something everyone needs to try once. Not even just try... experience.

Fancy trying any of these? For 10% off Use 'CANARDS' at checkout on GQ Tobaccos!

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