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Cigar lounge review: No.6 Cavendish, Mayfair

No.6 Cavendish

6 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PD

Finally.. No.6 Cavendish!

It’s taken a long time for us to make our way around to this famous cigar shop and sampling lounge, but oh boy, did it deliver!

On a quiet Friday, I met for an evening smoke with Carl (@stogielads) to decompress after a long, intense week (Carl more than myself..), and we decided upon No.6 Cavendish.

The actual No.6 experience started prior to us even opening the front door, with the charismatic and friendly owner Ajay Patel calling me the afternoon before to introduce himself and welcome us to the sampling lounge. An incredibly subtle but noticed touch that gave me a quick taster of the luxury that was to come.

Upon walking into No.6 after ringing the doorbell, you’re instantly hit with the alluring smell of tobacco – drawing you in like a cartoon character floating towards a freshly baked windowsill pie. With the high ceilings, a chandelier and meticulously varnished wood and glass cabinets, the reception was stunning.

The staff welcomed us happily before walking us towards the bar – more rums, whiskies, and wines than I knew what to do with. We quickly glanced at the menu before spinning on our heels and following our host to the Humidor.. now this is where the magic happened.

Again, that huge hit of delicious tobacco hit me straight in the face, igniting my senses. When I came to, I was met with floor to ceiling cigars; Everything from Cohibas, Bolivas and Olivas to some rare and aged sticks like the 2009 Punch Patino RE India or 2005 Trinidad Fundadores, sitting alongside all the best new world stock too - a serious (almost overwhelming!) treat. Guided by their sommelier; Marshall, I picked the Charatan 160th Anniversary cigar, having saw it won ‘Cigar of the year’ I was keen to try. After spending the week in London, smoking and filming - Carl chose something a bit darker and stronger to hit his taste buds, an incredible looking Padron 1926 No.2 Maduro (safe to say I was already a bit jealous I didn’t have the time to try both!).

Cigars on the tray, we moved again back to the bar where the expert sommeliers advised us on what to drink alongside our smoke in order to complement each sticks notes perfectly. I chose a glass of 2017 Chateau Haut-Batailley - a brilliant Burgundy, whilst my companion opted for a Sazerac. Again, proving the expertise and hospitality that No.6 is known for.

Upon walking through to the sampling room, drinks in hand – we sat in two high backed leather chairs as Marshall cut and lit our cigars for us.

The intentionally low lighting, combined with carefully curated art, gilded lamps and accessories created an incredible level of opulence, whilst the Latin music being played brought us back to the roots of why everyone sitting in this lounge was here – to enjoy a great cigar, with friends in a top-level atmosphere. Every item in this room felt handpicked and personal, as if we were almost sitting in a rich uncles warm lounge.

We sat and smoked our cigars and sipped on our drinks for a few hours, talking about everything from Travelling and wine regions to Sweden’s love for British TV (Specifically The Inbetweeners and Faulty Towers!), our hosts periodically checking in.

Just as we reached the very last draw and got up to leave we were greeted by the Man himself, Owner Ajay. As charming and as warm as his reputation, instantly I felt comfortable, speaking as if we were all old friends – again, another nod to their attention and welcoming nature. A great chat before Carl and I nipped off for some Fish and Chips.

Overall the “No.6 experience” was phenomenal. A huge selection of cigars and drinks, expert recommendations all tucked away in a neat package within the heart of Mayfair. A must visit for any novice or afficionado who finds themselves in the West End of London in need of a smoke and break from the busy city.

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