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Reader Reviews - June 2024

This month we take a look at a couple of very different cigars smoked by our readers, from Reza Adil, Paul Joseph and Harry Farrow. If you'd like to try any of these cigars, just tap their name below. Using 'CANARDS' for 10

Reza Adil - @alizarde.cigars

I decided NOT to take my sunglasses off as I marched into the humidor at TomTom Cigars in Belgravia. Cristian already understood that I was in ‘total nob’ mode, smiled and slammed a Trinidad Media Luna in my hand. The Trinidad 55th anniversary fever has swept London this past week, with the inevitable Habanos circus in town, and all the acts including lion-tamers, fire breathers and clowns have fawned over the cigar marque that Castro wanted to keep secret. I think they may be on to something…

‘Get on with it’, he said.

I know Cristian well and he’s normally to-the-point, and in this case, he had just handed me a Trinidad with 3 of its own circus acts built into it. As an aside, let me say that I stretched the smoke out for 2 hours between sips of my favourite cigar pairing, Coke Zero, and, people-watching which normally adds bundles of goodness to the whole solitary herfing scenario.

And now to the smoke itself - The dry draw of caramel-leafiness. The first third, cedary and mild. The second third, toasted walnut shells. The crescendo, back to developing cedar and creaminess, with a mild hint of spice.

Burnt my fingers, grinned, saw a girl in short skirt trip and style it out.


Paul Joseph -

The Andalusian Bull cigar, crafted by La Flor Dominicana, is a distinguished and award-winning cigar that has captivated aficionados since its release.

This exceptional cigar is named after the Andalusian region of Spain, known for its rich cultural heritage and historic bullfighting traditions.

Got the above off the net, this is my go to cigar if I have more than 90 minutes, I have mad bit last 130 minutes.

It's a torpedo so I have to use a straight cut, I normally punch cut, so I don't take much off.

It lights and holds flavour well, it's not for the novice, the first few draws are a little peppery, but it mellows out quite quickly.

I get toasted flavours (it reminds me of the old Winston cigarettes I used to smoke) then it sweetens and I got flavours of dark fruit and cola.

Then it gets earthy but not bitter, it's a cigar I can smoke through to burning my fingers.

If I am careful as I tend to smoke the last bit a little quick I can avoid it over heating and burning too hot.!

Harry Farrow - @hw_farow

Sitting in the pub taking in the June sun, I decided I wanted to enjoy a cigar. Being the only one of my friends who was smoking, I opted for the H. Upmann Majestic.

It was a very nice and easy smoke at a lower price point, and in my opinion a fantastic choice. Having usually smoked brickhouse or Epicure No.2’s I wanted to push the boat out a bit. Using my v-cut keyring, I snipped the cap and lit up.

It's on the milder side but still has some woody notes to it that were perfect for a quiet afternoon in the pub with some friends.

I paired it with a Guinness as the creamy texture and fuller flavour of Guinness I think went well with the more subtle profile of the Upmann.

All said and done I would go back to this cigar in a heartbeat for a quick and easy smoke when I’m in a rush or just looking for something not to taxing to enjoy.

Overall a fantastic cigar, and I cant wait to try more H.Upmanns soon!

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