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Cigars of the month - April 2024

Cigars of the month - April 2024

A quick section where we discuss some of our favourite cigars from this month, various price points, smoke times, strengths and regions. If you fancy trying these, you can use the code CANARDS for 10% off.

£: Two Smoking Barrells - Robusto

Price: £10.99

Strength: Medium

Size: 5“ x 50

Origin: Nicaragua

Smoke time: 50 Min

Exclusive to GQ Tobaccos, these beautiful Nicaraguan sticks are the perfect (and tasty) way to relax, without breaking the bank.

I was fortunate enough to enjoy this smoke whilst sitting on a rooftop pool, watching the sunset - which only added to its allure.

An oily Connecticut wrapper, and firm feel were both great signs, and the taste throughout certainly lived up to that expectation. Seriously creamy smoke, sweet nutty malt followed by a touch of black pepper and salt on the end. Burning down a few inches, the ash remained strong.. another impressive sign.

Don't let the budget cost deter you here.. this is a fantastic smoke!

££: Joya De Nicaragua - Cinco de Cinco Toro

Price: £23.99

Strength: Medium - Full

Size: 6“ x 52

Origin: Nicaragua

Smoke time: 60 Min

Having seen the raving reviews about the new Cinco de Cinco line from everywhere after their release, I know I'd have to pick up a few sticks. Choosing this for my easter morning smoke, this deep, dark, boxed pressed beauty certainly looks the part!

The burn started off a bit uneven, but quickly corrected itself the more I enjoyed. That maduro wrapper hitting me hard with flavour - full of earth, espresso, cardamon and pepper.

Taking me just over an hour to smoke, I had to enjoy this with a few pieces of smashed up Easter egg and an espresso - the perfect pairing!

If you're looking to drink something a bit stronger with the Cinco de Cinco, a darked spiced rum such as The Salford dark spice would work perfectly.

£££: H.Upmann - LCDH Connoisseur B

Price: £46.99

Strength: Light - Medium

Size: 5 7/8 “ x 54

Origin: Cuba

Smoke time: 50 Min

An absolutely majestic looking cigar - being an exclusive line and holding the LCDH (La casa del Habano) title this cigar had a lot to live up to. Feeling the construction it felt firm, a small soft spot towards the foot, however I've found this with most H.Upmanns.. it always seems to tighten up.

The Connoisseur B gave me beautiful notes of Cedar, toasted almonds & cashews, leather and earth at the front, followed up by a strangely lighter sensation of dry coffee and cocoa - with what seemed like mint.

My concerns regarding the soft spot dissipated, with beautiful burn from foot to nub - it's certainly one to try, especially for those fans of H.Upmann, like myself.

I'd pair this with a (new favourite) Hermitage grand champagne Cognac - balancing those sweet and earthy notes throughout. (

Fancy trying any of these? For 10% off Use 'CANARDS' at checkout on GQ Tobaccos!

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