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Cigars of the month - Jan 2024

Updated: Jan 30

Cigars of the month - January 2024

A quick section where we discuss some of our favourite cigars from this month, various price points, smoke times, strengths and regions. If you fancy trying these, you can use the code CANARDS for 10% off.

£: Alec Bradley - Black market punk

Price: £12.99

Strength: Medium to Full

Size: 4 1/2 “ x 42

Origin: Honduran

Smoke time: 40 Min

Don't let the Black-Market Punks short size fool you. This petite-corona packs a full-throttle flavour bomb crammed into a mere 4½ inches. Each note explodes like a punchy punk song, clear and distinct, refusing to get bogged down in a muddy mess. Its a whirlwind of taste that leaves you buzzing long after the final draw. Its beautifully dark, Nicaraguan maduro wrapper brings a lot of that flavour, with initial notes of burnt cedar, oak, espresso, and a hint of mint, transitioning into a deliciously cream blend, with dark chocolate and leather building up towards the end.

Try and pair it with a peaty Laphroaig 10yr or a rich, dark rum like a Diplomatico. A fantastic little smoke if you’re short on time, with a huge bang for its buck!

££: My Father - Flor De Las Antillas - Toro

Price: £26.95

Strength: Medium to Full

Size: 6 “ x 52

Origin: Nicaraguan

Named after the Antilles Islands, in the West Indies located in the Caribbean

Sea – this Toro really showed up as we took our time to smoke through... understandable since it won Cigar aficionados “2012 cigar of the year” award!

The first few draws of the Flor De Las Antillas unfolds like the first day of holiday, vibrant

citrus mingling with honey and white pepper, before dissolving into a wisp of creamy cocoa

as cedar starts to build in the background. Smoking toward the 2nd and final third, the Flor starts to imbue a darker flavour; as chocolate and Espresso start to take over, with the cedar coming in a bit stronger, whilst the previous notes are still present.

To balance those rich notes, whilst maintaining the fruity flavours try this cigar alongside a

glass of Montepulciano d’abruzzo or for those still in the last few days of dry January, a

double espresso with a dash of honey.

£££: Oliva Serie V - Melanio figurado 

Price: £34.99

Strength: Medium to Full

Size: 6 ½ “ x 52

Origin: Nicaraguan

Smoke time: 70 Min

After winning Cigar Aficionados’ “2014 Cigar of the year” award, we knew we had a hit.

As we clipped the cap of this perfecto vitola cigar, the smell of the Melanio Maduros hit us with a leathery, cedar punch accented by a pinch of black pepper. 

The first cold draws confirmed the promise, and the smoke ahead. Upon lighting creamy cocoa explodes, laced with fiery spice, dried fruits and swirling espresso. The boldness of this cigar is what really stands out for us, heavy yet smooth notes building throughout as we move down towards final 3rd, cedar and raisin really come into focus, with that espresso almost becoming cappuccino

with a pump of salted caramel and vanilla syrup mixed in.

The Melanio figurado is easily one of the best cigars from the Oliva serie V line, a little bit too expensive for a daily smoker - but absolutely fantastic on a Sunday evening to see off the weekend.

To pair this premium cigar, we'd recommend a Macallan 12yr double cask - matching cigars caramel and vanilla notes. Alternatively, try it alongside a port to keep those dark rich flavours high.

Fancy trying any of these? For 10% off Use 'CANARDS' at checkout on GQ Tobaccos!

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