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Cigars of the month - March 2024

Cigars of the month - March 2024

A quick section where we discuss some of our favourite cigars from this month, various price points, smoke times, strengths and regions. If you fancy trying these, you can use the code CANARDS for 10% off.

£: Jose L. Piedra - Brevas

Price: £10.70

Strength: Medium

Size: 5 1/4 “ x 42

Origin: Cuban

Smoke time: 35 Min

Sitting down for quick birthday smoke (pre-presents, post Champagne), I decided to cut the cap on a lovely little Jose L. Piedra - Brevas. Grown in the Vuelta Arriba region of Cuba, this petit- corona is by far one of the most cost effective hand rolled Cubans on the market today. It's a bit of a slow burner in terms of initial flavour with subtle tastes of pepper and leather, whilst maintaining a great, even burn (even against the persistent wind).

Its beautiful, oily, maduro wrapper brings a lot of that flavour, transitioning into a rich leathery, earthy mix as its smoked down.

Try and pair it with a rich rum like the Zacapa 23, or as I did; a delicious double espresso and some Belgian milk chocolate. A fantastic smoke if you’re short on time, and a great entry level Cuban at such a low price!

££: Arturo Fuente - Magnum Rosado No.58

Price: £21.99

Strength: Medium

Size: 6 1/2“ x 50

Origin: Dominican

Smoke time: 90 Min

I initially picked this cigar up to be my New Years eve smoke, however, shamefully I never got around to lighting it up! Although fast burning for its size, every second of this stick was savoured. So buckle up for an hour and a half to try this classic cigar.

The construction of the Magnum Rosado 58 oily dark wrapper is near flawless with tight seams, an artistic array of veins.

Established in 1912, Arturo Fuente has consistently produced incredibly cigars, and this is no different. It hits you with sweetness right from the start. Offering up a delightful mix of cashews, leather, caramel, and a hint of pepper. Towards the finish there's almost an explosion of Salted caramel and creamy cocoa.

I smoked this along side a glass of Monkey Finger blended whisky, the smooth, fruitiness really helped exaggerate the natural sweetness of the Arturo. Alternatively you could try a sweet, strong cocktail like The Sazarac.

£££: Davidoff - Nicaraguan Diadema 

Price: £38.99

Strength: Medium to Full

Size: 6 ½ “ x 50

Origin: Nicaragua

Smoke time: 70 Min

Inspired by the founder, Zino Davidoff's adventurous spirit, this Nicaraguan Diadema vitola won 3rd place for best cigar by Cigar Aficionado in 2022, so I knew for sure that the the volcanic soil where it was grown was going to produce an incredible smoke.

A cedar and toasted nut duet opened the Fina, with earthy tobacco in the back and white pepper peeking on the aftertaste and Retrohale.

Cedar shone in the first third, joined by blossoming tobacco sweetness for a unique caramelised flavour. Nutty notes danced, while some stronger pepper spiced the aftertaste again. The although more subtle, the spiciness takes centre stage in the final third, led by cedar and pepper, while caramelized sweetness and tobacco mellowed. Nut and tobacco remained subtle companions. Incredible construction, beautiful burn from foot to nub and has cemented itself as one of my new favourites.

To match the spicy, bittersweetness of this Nicaraguan tobacco, I'd recommend a semi-sweet rum such as Flor de Caña or peaty whisky such as Bunnahabhain 12 Year.

A little on the pricey side, but 100% worth the investment for such a delicious and lengthy smoke!

Fancy trying any of these? For 10% off Use 'CANARDS' at checkout on GQ Tobaccos!

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