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Cigars of the month - May 2024

Cigars of the month - May 2024

A quick section where we discuss some of our favourite cigars from this month, various price points, smoke times, strengths and regions. If you fancy trying these, you can use the code CANARDS for 10% off.

£: Davidoff - Winston Churchill Traveller Belicoso

Price: £13.09

Strength: Medium - Full

Size: 4 1/2“ x 46

Origin: Dominican Republic

Smoke time: 30 Min

Now don't let its small stature deceive you, this cigar is phenomenal, and an absolute winner from Davidoff.

This cigar holds a truly special place in my heart, having been not only one of the first ever sticks I smoked.. but also the cigar of choice at a fantastic event we hosted at The Sloane Club (alongside a cracking Talisker 10yr). Back in 2007 Davidoff Geneva dropped a new range of cigars dedicated to the man himself - Winston Churchill. With each blend being named after a difference facet of his life (Traveller, Statesman, Commander, Raconteur etc) and this dedicated range has certainly worked its way into one of my favourites from Davidoff - delicious and easy smoking. A firm feel as I took it out to smoke, smelling great and the retro-hale was a dream. Certainly bringing back memories of that first cigar my Grandfather gave to me all those years ago! This short, but very flavourful format is filled with a multi-layered combination of rich, spicy notes, followed by sweet cedar and almonds, before rounding off at the finish. This Belicoso is perfect for a moment of quick enjoyment. Pairs exceptionally well with a Glenmorangie or Glengoyne sherry cask. Alternatively, you could touch on the almond flavours with an almond iced latte.

££: Cohiba - Exquisitos

Price: £29.99

Strength: Medium - Full

Size: 5“ x 33

Origin: Cuban

Smoke time: 35 Min

Cohiba being arguably the flagship brand for Cuban cigars, I expected something great from this stick... For those of you that know Cohibas - this is a bargain price. But reading some reviews online, I had my doubts.

The sun was shining the weekend before last (I believe that was summer over and done with?) so I decided it was only right to enjoy a cigar in the garden. Opting for the Cohiba Equisitos due to my curiosity and time constraints. I took it from the humidor. On the surface it was looking brilliant; oily wrapper glistening in the sun, and a fantastic aroma.

Using my Colibri V cutter and (new!) LDC jet lighter, I lit the foot. It started a bit ropey, not getting much flavour whilst battling a tight draw. However perseverance paid off, and I was rewarded with beautiful notes of roasted coffee beans, sweet vanilla (bordering marshmallow) along with that typical Cohiba flavour of floral grass.

Only taking me 35 mins to smoke, this is certainly an easy smoker for anyone looking to dip their toe into the world of Cohiba.

If you're looking to pair this, I'd recommend running with the floral notes of the Exquisitos, by having it alongside a Suncamino infused rum or an iced Hibiscus tea.

£££: Montecristo - No.2

Price: £37.45

Strength: Medium - Full

Size: 6 1/8 “ x 52

Origin: Cuba

Smoke time: 70 Min

Quite possibly one of the most iconic cigars of all time, the Montecristo No.2 is a legend for a reason. One of my absolute favourite vitolas; a Piramides. Earlier this year ahead of a trip to Milan, I knew I needed to get myself a couple. A large format, but an absolutely majestic looking cigar, I almost found myself admiring it more than the beautiful Duomo di Milano that I was standing in front of. With the warm Italian evening starting, I opted for a straight cut and soft flame to give this respected cigar a good send off. Drinking it alongside a sharp and sweet Negroni was the perfect paring. This only highlighted the Montecristos orange zest notes, alongside rich, creamy coffee, complex woods with chocolate, almond and honey.

The draw was full and the burn perfect. I honestly couldn't have chosen a better cigar for such a beautiful setting. I've left the other in my humidor to age for a few months, to see if that brings forward any deeper flavours.

My drink of choice was of course the Negroni from the famous Campari bar in Milan, however I also wished I could've smoked it alongside a fresh Italian espresso (or maybe a few.. as this is a behemoth of a smoke!)

Fancy trying any of these? For 10% off Use 'CANARDS' at checkout on GQ Tobaccos!

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