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Reader Reviews - April 2024

This month we take a look at a couple of very different cigars smoked by our readers, from Sam Mbatha and Piers Spencer.

Davidoff - Maduro

Sam Mbatha- @samdoeswhat

The Davidoff Maduro's luscious wrapper will remind you of the finest dark chocolate and hints at the flavourful journey awaiting you.

I enjoyed this cigar at the UK launch event put on by Roy Sommer from Davidoff UK and hosted at the spectacular Sparrow Cigar Lounge in Mayfair.  

Roy educated us on the making of the Davidoff maduro wrapper which uses the top two leaves of the plant which are then fermented for over a year, then rested for a further two year years which results in the beautiful cigar we had in front of us

From the first moment the smoke hit my palette it was a sweet caress of creamy richness, reminiscent of indulgent dark chocolate and nutty undertones. This flavour seamlessly develops to become woody and creamy in the second third and towards the final third becomes earthy, nutty and slightly peppery. A medium bodied experience that will captivate even the most seasoned cigar aficionados.

To elevate the experience further the cigar was paired with delightful dessert wine which complemented the sweet tones of the cigar and created an unforgettable sensory experience that lingers long after the final puff.

With just under an hour of smoking time, the Davidoff Maduro invites you to savor each moment, the flavors evolve and unfold with every draw. Whether enjoyed alone or in good company, this cigar promises a journey of unforgettable taste and satisfaction, leaving a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to partake.

Arturo Fuente - Gran Reserva Churchill

Piers Spencer - @Piers.spencer

"Boys, we can smoke in this hire car - there aren't any 'no smoking' signs in it."


Before we get to the smoke, let me provide a bit of backstory on how I acquired the cigar in question today.

Earlier this year, I took a day trip with a friend to Geneva to stock up the humidor and enjoy a day out (I thoroughly recommend GestoCigars; Swiss prices are fantastic). Being a relatively new cigar smoker - my first proper smoke was about 12 months ago - I am always keen to try new cigars. So, I have a real preference for buying duets or 4 cigars when purchasing a new smoke. This gives me a great opportunity to share a smoke with someone or try it before sharing it, and then I still have one spare.

Amongst the Geneva stock-up was the Arturo Fuente GR - Churchill. Before this day, I hadn’t smoked any AF’s, so I didn’t know what to expect. But back to the hire car!

In March, I went skiing with three old school mates. As we got into the hire car and found out smoking was allowed, and we had a 2-hour journey ahead, it was fair game to turn this car into a gliding smoking room amidst the French Alps.

A quick photo of the AF cigar to my friend Chris, who works at JJ Fox in London, and he said, “Yep, you’re definitely going to like that.”

The smoke was medium to full-bodied, and for me, just the perfect amount of smoke from a draw. Nice and rich, not too strong, and one of my favourite smokes to date. Lasting over an hour, I was sad to see the end of this cigar. I have struggled to find a NW cigar I am really fond of, but this one definitely ticked the box. It didn’t get too strong at the end, didn’t have to be relit once (by either me or my friend Ali), and just smelled fantastic.

Come the end of the cigar, I was disappointed that this particular cigar wasn’t one of the 4 batches I bought and only a duet. Gesto Cigars - I will be back.

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