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Reader Reviews - Jan 2024

Updated: Jan 30

Reader Reviews

This month we take a look at 3 very different cigars, as our insightful and passionate readers review their experiences!

Bolivar - Gold medal

Benji Wild - @welshcigarculture

This cigar was an absolute delight. From the first few draws I could immediately taste an earthy familiarity that typically comes with bolivar cigars. A rich smoke with a great complexity.

As the cigar developed I could pick up hints of

nuts, wood & leather. I often like to compare Bolivar cigars to a ‘hand-me-down leather belt!’ Rich in quality, mature in age and clearly enjoyed by many great men before myself.

By the mid point of the cigar I could really feel myself relaxing and enjoying the smoke. I opted to pair this cigar with a glass of 10 year old Laphroaig scotch whiskey, which has strong Smokey and medicinal flavours that tend to be a little harsh when drank alone, however, when accompanied by a cigar as great as the Bolivar Gold Medal, turns into the most incredibly smooth and enjoyable pairing.

I decided to enjoy this moment during a live stream on my @welshcigarculture Instagram page where I had a chance to enjoy a cigar and a conversation with Ricardo (@cigarhousemiami) & Sam (@lcd_cigarevents) who were both in Miami & Milan. Having this added company certainly added to the enjoyment of my smoke and made my first Bolivar Gold Medal experience one that I will always remember.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to Giuliano (@mk_cigars) for providing me with the opportunity to enjoy this cigar and to also add one to my collection.

Davidoff – Winston Churchill Traveller Belicoso

Frane Dragoslavić - @frane.dragoslavic

I have always wondered what the most unique London experience is. For some, it is driving in the tube or in the double-decker, and for some visiting magnificent palaces and museums. There are a lot of things you can do in London, but for me, there is nothing like smoking a splendid cigar.

Whether you smoke these cigars in London or anywhere else it is going to be great. Smoking them feels like opening the doors of heaven and just enjoying whatever you are going to find there. Like heaven, we can't be so precise about these cigars, because everyone is going to have different experiences, yet I can try to express my feelings and my own knowledge in the best possible manner so all of You can create a picture and thoughts about these marvellous cigars. I`m talking about Davidoff`s Churchill Belicoso cigars.

Rolled by the hands of the masters in the Dominican Republic, these cigars are enriched with a strong flavour with notes of cocoa and coffee. Now and then you can taste the creamy oak flavour which makes them really rich and powerful, but at the same time, you can notice how these cigars are very balanced so that every note can come to expression. Unlike other Davidoff cigars, these are enhanced with leathery and roasted notes. This is a true work of art if you ask me.

These cigars are a real go-getter for everyone who likes history. They really make you feel like a Churchill himself and can get you back into a time when everything was more kingly and nobler. Add to that a feeling that you are in London, and you are going to get an experience that will stay forever etched in your memory and will make you feel like a real gentleman.


Artista – Buffalo Ten

Billy Ismail Mustafa - @billyismailmustafa

One thing anyone who knows me will tell you is that I have two loves.

The first is a beautiful hand-rolled cigar, and the second is the Buffalo Bills. This love entwined on Monday, January 8th, as the Buffalo Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins to clinch a 4th straight division title.

Time for a customary celebratory cigar! But, what to choose? Luckily, I already had this decided. Months previous, I had visited Davidoff of London and purchased an El Artista Buffalo Ten Maduro, for the very reasonable price of only £22.This Dominican 6” by 50” is a perfect (for me) medium-strength smoke. The construction and even burn held up to the frigid and snowy weather the British winter was throwing its way, yes, I braved the snow and cold to smoke out in the back garden! The flavours were a delight. Cedar and wood dominated the first third, slowly giving way to sweet chocolate through the second third. The finish offered a little spice, but not enough to be off-putting. The developments throughout the smoke were delicate, not waves of flavour changes. Subtle, but noticeable enough. I paired this with an equally reasonable dram (or two) of Buffalo Trace. A very enjoyable duo, I must say.

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