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Reader Reviews - May 2024

This month we take a look at a couple of very different cigars smoked by our readers, from Henry Woods, Billy Mustafa and Benji Wild. If you'd like to try any of these cigars, just tap their name below. Using 'CANARDS' for 10

Henry Woods - @lordschoffel

During a recent jaunt to London I found myself with fewer cigars than I’d wished.

A quick trip to Davidoff soon rectified this. I noticed subtly placed on the lower shelf, the E.P. Carrillo pledge Lonsdale L.E, the look of it enticed me. Having never smoked one of these and after speaking to the chap in Davidoff, it came highly recommended - so I decided this was the opportunity.

As far as cigars go it sits at the more affordable end of the scale, around £24 for a single, so great value. The construction was exceptional, with a smooth and even burn throughout. At first it starts off with primary notes of spices such as black pepper, secondary notes of oak and tertiary notes of smooth coffee.

It makes for an almost chocolatey flavour as the cigar develops on the palate. It has ranked 2nd place as a personal favourite of mine, just behind the Highclere Victorian.

A sophisticated band, exceptional on the palate and at an attractive price. Certainly a great combination with a club sandwich and a glass of port!

Benji Wild - @Iambenjiwild

What can I say?

The Romeo y Julieta brand is a pillar within the Cuban cigar community and I have smoked a fair few.

This cigar, however, is a cut above the rest. A sweet and creamy flavour with a great vitola for getting a satisfying draw on each puff.

I sat with a group of around 30 friends, including Sal (@thecigarmanor) to watch the Fury V Usyk fight and this was my second cigar of the night. A few drinks had gone down so I lit this cigar whilst opening a decent ‘Bordeaux’ from my my local super market.

The pairing of the two was absolutely stunning and I enjoyed my cigar until my fingers were hot.

I’m not sure exactly how LCDH manage to turn a great cigar into a phenomenal cigar but I can certainly say that in this cigar, I have found a diamond.


8.9/10 would recommend!

Ramon Allones - Taco, Exclusivo Mexico

Billy Mustafa - @Billyismalimustafa

After the first puff, I knew I was in for something special. Perfecto in shape and perfect in taste, this Mexican regional was a real treat. 

Enjoyed on a glorious summers day afternoon, one of the few we’re gifted in the UK. I sat down with a bottle of Jarritos Mexican Cola and proceeded to light up its fellow countryman. Luckily, the weather allowed for a soft flame light, so I took my time, didn’t rush, and enjoyed the moment. 

After the first puff I pulled the cigar from my lips and stared at it, I expected it to would enjoy this smoke, but to be impressed after the first puff? That’s the first time it’s ever happened to me. 

Through the first third I was greeted with a fantastic blend of cedar and a creamy sweetness which paired with an impeccable burn, left me excited to get into the second third. 

WOW. The second third of this cigar had me contemplating what on Earth I have been smoking up until this point. The cedar remained and was joined by a slight spice, but as the savoury notes of the cigar had evolved, so had the sweet notes. Honey notes are now coming through with the creamy sweetness, giving the smoke a more mature, nuanced and evolving medley of flavours. It was at this point, I decided this was the single best smoke I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. 

The spice picked up in the final third and towards the end of the final third overwhelmed what was otherwise a perfectly balanced smoke. 

The construction of the cigar was fantastic, burn immaculate, and the smoking experience? Well, It was the best that this dabbler of the hobby has ever had. 

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